How to Choose the Right Clothes While Climbing?

Mountain climbing is a sport that involves trekking and hiking through rugged terrain while having fun in the process. Most beginner climbers do not know what to wear when they go climbing. The answer is to wear whatever someone feels comfortable in. That being said, it is important for mountain climbers to carefully choose their climbing clothes prior to embarking on an expedition. Below is a look at how to choose the right clothes for climbing for beginners.

What to wear on a climbing expedition depends on a number of variables, one of them being the weather. This includes what season it is, the weather forecast, whether it is hot or there is a chance of it raining. The climbing area is another variable. Climbers should find out the kind of route to go through, and whether the climbing surface is abrasive or smooth.

Avoid Tearing…

How to Choose the Right Clothes While ClimbingIt is worth bearing in mind that mountain surfaces can tear clothes. Climbing clothes have to be functional, durable, versatile and flexible. Climbing surfaces are usually unforgiving as they contain rocks with edges and crystals capable of tearing lightweight fabrics easily. Climbers should be prepared for coarse granite to rip their trousers. The seat and knees of trousers can easily be ripped and torn when someone jams into wide cracks.

Mobility is probably the biggest factor to consider when trying deciding what to wear when climbing. Loose fitting and baggy clothes are often the best. There is nothing as uncomfortable as having a tight pair of trousers cramping up a climbers while in action. Climbing clothes have to allow the wearer to move and bend without restrictions, underlining the importance of loose fitting and baggy clothes.

Summer Season for Climbing

How to Choose the Right Clothes While ClimbingWhen climbing during the summer, climbers need to dress accordingly since it can get quite hot. This means choosing the right clothes for staying cool. Light-weight synthetic clothing is recommended as it protects the skin from the sun, and is loose enough to let air cool the wearer. Also, synthetic fabrics dry fast after someone sweats or is caught in a rain storm. They wick moisture away from the skin and do not chafe around the underarm and crotch areas. Some climbers prefer cotton outfits as it feels good, although it dries slowly. It is worth bearing in mind that light-colored clothes reflect both heat and light. This makes them cooler and more comfortable than when wearing dark-colored clothing.

The ideal summer climbing outfits for most climbing areas include mid-calf length pants or shorts; a loose shirt, sports bra or tank top, and a billed cap for shielding the face from the sun. It is advisable for the climber to carry additional clothing in his or her climbing pack that includes a pair of light-weight long pants, a compact rain jacket, and a long-sleeve or light-fleece top if it gets cold.

When climbing in a cooler weather, a climber needs to bring warm clothing and wear them. The weather can change quite rapidly during the fall and spring seasons. It is advisable to carry extra clothing that offer insulation from rain, snow and wind while also keeping the climber dry.

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