Building An Outdoor Shower: A Proper Planning

Building An Outdoor Shower

Outdoor shower are very important in homesteads with many people as they offer the option of taking a shower outside the house, besides this outside showers also help in avoiding getting mud into the house after walking the pet, gardening, detecting, or even after along exercise of clearing around the house. Outdoor showers offer a good place to clean refrigerator drawers, fishing equipment and beach items.


Before starting your structure begin by first designing it on a piece of paper outlining all the tools and raw material required for building the structure. It is advisable to draw your design as a series of steps that you will follow when building your structure.This ensures that you take the list amount of time possible, and avoid any avoidable waste of materials. A process breakdown drawing will also help you avoid mistakes like lack of incorporating a drainage path early on in building the structure that may later on cause problems for the entire design. Wood structures are more flexible in-terms of mistakes when building, they are also neat and cost effective.

Laying the foundation

After deciding on the location and the dimensions of your structure, make a clearing suitable for the foundation you desire and lay a foundation of a mixture of concrete and sand. Use a trowel to ensure that the floor is flat but slopping to a certain direction or towards the drainage pipe.

Design drainage

Building An Outdoor ShowerDig out the drainage trench this early in building process to ensure no flooding from the water used. Ensure that the slope of flooring of the shower drain into the drainage pipes.

Installing the water pipes

When building your structure ensure that it is about 7 to 10 feet as this is the desired height for most people.This is also to avoid erecting structures with roofing that’s too low to accommodate tall people. To ensure that water pipes are installed correctly employ the skills of a plumber to fix the PVC pipes. After installation of the PVC pipes choose the right shower head and fix the shower head on this pipes to ensure that there is free flow of water before erecting the exterior walls.

Erecting the exterior walls.

For the exterior of your structure, begin by building the skeleton according to your original design. Follow this up with nailing water proof pieces of timber to the walls leaving one of the faces of your structures open for the door, forming a rectangular or oval shape depending on your design. The roof of your structure depends on the design you are going for with some outdoor showers lacking roofs. The door also depends on the design of structure.

Interior of the structure

The interior of such of a structure depends on your needs your needs, but its best to install the essentials like soap holder, towel rack. It is also add lights in case of when one decides to take a shower in the night. You can also add a seating area in the shower if the same allows. A mirror can also be mounted in the shower to add a little style.


After doing all this take moment to check for any mistakes or any omissions, if there are no mistakes found enjoy your new outdoor shower.

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