9 Tips to Setting Up A Trail Camera

9 Tips to Setting Up A Trail CameraThere are various things that must be kept in mind while setting up a trail camera. The various things that must be kept in mind while setting up a trail camera are as follows:

1. It is very important to update the camera’s software prior to use. This is an often overlooked step but it is something that can help you in the long run. Software is something which is used to run the device. It is important to consistently update the camera’s software as it helps in fixing a lot of bugs and problems existing in previous versions.

2. If you are using more than one camera, then it is also very important to number your cameras. Nowadays some trail cameras also have the feature of setting up the number and name on the chip and it is very helpful as it helps in recovering the camera if you forget about its location.

3. While setting up your trail camera, it is important to set it up pointing towards the north. By pointing your camera north, you can avoid sun glare that can trigger your camera even in the absence of game.

4. You should always set your camera up to a particular angle in respect to the trail. Usually setting up the camera at an angle of 45 degrees to the trail increases the trigger time exponentially giving you a better photo of the entire animal.

5. It is also very important to deter thieves so that you can prevent your camera from being stolen. If you are spending about 200$ on a camera you would want it not being stolen. The basic ways to prevent your camera from being stolen include placing your camera higher up on the tree even if it includes you carrying a stool or maybe a small ladder along with to place the camera. Try placing the camera higher up the tree where there is more foliage so as to prevent being easily spotted by thieves.

6. It is also good to try out on the various modes available on the trail camera. Some of the useful trail modes include Time Lapse.Time lapse is a brilliant feature that helps to capture the moment on a slower frame rate hence a better view.9 Tips to Setting Up A Trail Camera

7. It is also very important to place your camera clear of obstructions. Try and brush around the place where you place your camera.There should not be too many obstructions around your camera as it might prevent having a good shot.

8. You should always try and target a specific animal to have a better shot. If you are consistently seeing a particular animal in a specified area it is good to try and place 2-3 more cameras in the same area to have a chance of capturing a better shot of the animal.

9. It is also very important to analyze the recordings of the trail camera. Try and learn the trails of the animal and place more cameras surrounding the trail to have a better chance of getting the animal and understanding his routine.

Hope all these tips help you in setting up the trail camera in the best way and have a good hunting season.

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