5 Fun Outdoor Hobbies


Are you the outdoor kind? If you are, then chances are you may have been trying some of the ordinary hobbies that get you all bored and with little fun too. How about you join me as I introduce you to the 5 fun outdoor hobbies that will leave you enthralled and begging for more!


5 Fun Outdoor HobbiesDo you believe in pseudoscience? Well, if you do, then you may have heard of dowsing. Dowsing is basically a form of divination where you try to locate something without the use of any scientific apparatus. You could practice this hobby and if luck is on your side, well, you may just locate your much-needed ground water, oil, gemstones and buried metal ores, gravesites or even a criminal exhibit. Dowsing is one of the few hobbies that allows you to connect with your higher power. All you need is an L or a Y-shaped twig rod referred to as a dowsing rod, a pendulum or even a police or military device and you are good to go.


5 Fun Outdoor HobbiesGeocaching is an outdoor hobby in which the participants use a GPS receiver or a mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers. The containers commonly referred to as caches normally contain log books where a geocacher enters the date they found it then signs it with their established code names. Upon signing the logbook, the cacher is replaced where the geocacher found it. To improve the fun of this hobby, geocachers use larger containers which are then filled with items of sentimental value such as toys and necklaces.


5 Fun Outdoor HobbiesConsidered both a hobby and an occupation, blacksmithing is one kind of a hobby that everyone should be encouraged to try. All you need is tools to be used to hammer, bend and cut objects as you forge them from either steel or wrought iron. Just by practicing this hobby, you could end up with a good agricultural implement, nice furniture, a decorative and religious item or even a weapon of war. However, the trick here is to take this as a hobby as opposed to an occupation and therefore allow maximum room for mistakes.

Metal detecting

5 Fun Outdoor Hobbies 2Metal detecting is a hobby where an electronic equipment, simply referred to as a metal detector is used to detect the presence of a metal nearby. The detector can either be used to find the metal inclusions hidden within objects or to locate metals buried underground. The detectors will indicate the presence of a metal object nearby either by changing tones or having a specially fitted needle move in the direction of the metal object.

Rock climbing

5 Fun Outdoor HobbiesRock climbing merely involves climbing up, down or across natural rock formations or even artificial rock walls with the aim of reaching the summit or other defined end point. Rock climbing is considered an endurance task that requires due diligence and resilience among the participants due to the fact it is prone to accidents. The success of this hobby lies in an individual’s use of hands and feet. The hands are used to hold the participant firmly into position as well as maintain balance while the feet are used to create energy to start, maintain or stop a motion.

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